BETA Blue Digital is a HIP-HOP production company DELIVERING industry QUALITY beats ranging from NEO-SOUL, Cinematic, Trap, R&B, Hip-Hop, Drill, Boom-Pap and DANCE. All Producers are ESTABLISHED and licensed through PERFORMANCE RIGHT ORGANIZATIONS (PRO) with decades of EXPERIENCE ranging from beat making, ENGINEERING, mixing, mastering AND SONG WRITING. We create CUSTOM SOUNDS AND instrumentals for T.V. & FILM, artists, labels, and advertisers. Our library has sounds for YOUR PROJECT, product, or advertisement.


BETA Blue Digital’s executive STAFF are creating fresh MELODIES, visuals and digital media. Senior Producer/SOUND ENGINEER Digital DIAMONDS has been in the MUSIC INDUSTRY for 15+ years creating music. He IS EXPERIENCED in composition arrangements, INFLUENCING MIXES, ARTICULATING complex musical concepts, COACHING, project management, proficiency with multiple DAWS AND  HAS knowledge of industry LAWS AND ETHICS. Resource Ricki is a senior executive AND recording engineer with 11+ years of EXPERIENCED IN digital content creation. She has a B.S. in Business MANAGEMENT AND Administration with 19+ YEARS OF MANAGEMENT experience. Her skills range from ORGANIZING recording sessions, engineering with MULTIPLE DAWS, mixing and mastering, transcribing music, VIDEO CREATION, animations and editing software.


RESOURCE Ricki and Digital DIAMONDS are leading the team at BETA BLUE DIGITAL. Beta Blue Digital provides PROMOTIONAL PACKAGES, marketing plans, artist branding, PUBLISHING AND access to media outlets. We are A GLOBAL MULTI-PLATFORM independent production COMPANY USING the power of digital technology to enable the creation AND DISTRIBUTION of content across a VARIETY OF FORMATS AND PLATFORMS.


Our Company thrives on PROVIDING AN autonomous e-commerce PERSONALIZATION platform that is perfect FOR music supervisors, COMPANIES, labels, and artists of all KIND SEARCHING for the right SOUNDS. Beta Blue Digital's MUSIC IS available for acquisition, licensing (EXCLUSIVE & NON-EXCLUSIVE), and BUNDLE DEALS.